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Hi, In clojure mode my ', e' menu seems to be missing few options mentioned here I have cider-eval-buffer, last-sexp, defun-at-point, and a couple of others, but not the one which outputs the results as a comment (, e ; in the link) and not the two that print to a new buffer. Am I missing a plugin or is this some custom configuration?


@allaboutthatmace1789, my spacemacs config had , e ; straight off, so I'd double check your list of plugins.


@allaboutthatmace1789 my first guess is you are on Spacemacs version 0.200, rather than version 0.300 by switching to the Spacemacs develop branch. Most people are on develop branch. If you need to switch...


@jr0cket I am on 0.200, thanks!


(I also had to upgrade from emacs 25 to 26, otherwise I got errors downloading packages)


@allaboutthatmace1789 Emacs versions earlier that 26 require an updated key, but its a better to use Emacs 26.3 if you can anyway. Emacs 27 should be out this year There are a lot new features and keybindings in the Clojure layer when using the develop branch, they are covered in the readme (which I updated recently so let me know if you have any questions) Hopefully the rest of the book should also help, but feel free to ask about anything you dont understand. Thanks.

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I'm trying to get Spacemacs working with a boot webserver that I set up from the modern-cljs tutorial. How can I get CIDER to jack in cljs in the correct way?


If someone could at least point to some documentation or something.


I can't just use cider-jack-cljs with the default boot option because it fails with a null pointer exception.


@ordoflammae I thought that CIDER could start a repl from Boot, with just a working file, however its been so long since I did boot stuff. Otherwise, if you can start a boot on the command line, then this section should help you connect to a Boot repl from CIDER (sorry, after reviewing this seems a little dated now, especially if using Spacemacs develop)


One thing to watch out for is versions of libraries you are including, they may need to be changed to newer versions (you may see warnings in the repl buffer)


OK, thanks @jr0cket. I found a few resources, so I'll see if I can get it to work.


Let us know if you find something that works and I'll update the Spacemacs Clojure docs. Thanks


@jr0cket, I don't know why it wasn't working, since when I replicate everything from the terminal it works fine, but I fixed it by changing my default boot target to my custom dev task, rather than the default repl -s -b localhost wait. I'm not sure why the second didn't work in Spacemacs, since it worked fine in the terminal, but I wanted to use the custom task anyway.


Although, now I have all default boot targets set to dev, is there a way to only set the default boot target for a certain project?


The variable is cider-boot-parameters


@ordoflammae I am assuming there is some CIDER variable you can set, using a .dir-locals.el file. Try SPC p e and see if there is an obvious variable to set for boot. Or search for the variable name on or ask on #cider channel (it's past my bedtime now)