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On occasion I'd like to use include alias that's not specified in the .dir-locals file for a project that uses clojure's cli tools. Is the best way to do this to figure out the right version of nrepl, piggieback, etc., put all that stuff in my ~/.clojure/deps.edn file (and update it whenever things get updated in spacemacs), then use cider-connect-clj&cljs?


Got it: SPC-u SPC-SPC cider-jack-in (or whatever your jack-in command is). Then, you'll have the option to edit the command it runs. Unfortunately, you can't append another -A on the end to add your alias, you'll need to go back and modify the one that's already there.


If you are using cider-jack-in rather than cider-connect then CIDER will manage the nrepl depenencies on startup. Its only for cider-connect you would need an alias.


clojure -A:you:can:use:multiple:aliases in the clojure command


Yeah, adding nrepl dependencies is why I use cider-jack-in. I'd really like to be able to include my custom sc alias from ~/.clojure/deps.edn for vvvvalvalval/scope-capture. That's not in the .dir-locals.el file for our project, but I'd like to add it sometimes when doing debugging. After re-reading my question, I see how it wasn't very clear now.


Is it just me or was there recently a change that bound [ to evil-cp-previous-opening, thus clashing with evil-unimpaired?


@zane the [ on my develop branch is defined in the evil-cleverparens package, which has not changed since 2017. Looking at the spacemacs-evil and clojure layers, nothing in there sets a [ keybinding. Some other layer you use could be over-riding it. I havent used the [ keybinding much though.


Got it. That's helpful @jr0cket. Thanks!


on the development branch, if I do cider-jackin-clj it prompts me to choose between lein and clojure-cli is there a variable I can set a default option?


I've asked this in the #cider channel, as the config I have tried does not seem to be picked up by Cider.