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@jr0cket How can I get an anonymous function using #( to get highlighted like defn or even fn for that matter?


To clarify, I want the pretty symbol highlighted


@benjamin.hougland If I understand the question correctly, I believe you would need to find out what face it was using and modify the theme you are using for Emacs to highlight that face. Place the cursor over the fancified character and SPC SPC describe-face (I think). If it has aface, you could use SPC SPC customize to change that face. If the face is used by other things you don't want highlight, then that's not going to work.


Or maybe hack the substitution code that fancify-symbols uses I don't have a good answer for that I am afraid.


When updating the Spacemacs develop branch you may notice a change to the ordering of the which-keys menu. This does seem put all the most important keybindings first. If you wish to switch back the the previous ordering of which-key menus, add the following to the dotspacemacs/user-config section of your .spacemacs or .spacemacs.d/init.el file

(setq which-key-sort-order 'which-key-key-order-alpha)

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