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Wow so you can create multiple views

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I don’t know what it means exactly but I did SPC l 0 to create two named perspectives in different starting state


Can switch between them via SPC l 1 and SPC l 2 or SPC l 0 and pick my named perspective


So for working in multiple projects at once? And keeping the state separate?


The workspaces are contained within a layout, but there's nothing stopping you from having multiple projects per layout. I'm starting to create layouts per feature, because they usually involve code in 2+ different projects. SPC l w 1 will jump straight to 1, but you can also go backwards and forwards with g t & g T (workspaces within a layout). Renaming (`SPC w l R`) is also useful when you have lots of those. SPC b W should change to the buffer and switch to the workspace that contains it, but it doesn't work for me


Oops, important edit: SPC l 1 -> SPC l w 1


@erwinrooijakkers SPC l TAB switches to last layout, so makes it easy to toggle between two. Just the same as toggling between two buffers with SPC TAB


SPC l l selects a layout by name, or create a named layout of that name does not exist. I find it useful for selection when I have more than 10 layouts (which I often do)

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@aisamu It's exactly what I was looking for! 🙌

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