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If anyone has any more feedback on my proposed keybindings for Clojure, please let me know (here or on GitHub). I will see if I can get them merged at the weekend


i updated my spacemacs (`develop` branch) yesterday, and now my helm M-x completion is not nearly as fuzzy as it used to be (e.g. i used to be able to type just cico to match cider-connect now i have to type cider-c)... anyone have any idea how i get the old fuzzy behaviour back ?


Did you update the packages after doing that? Sometimes develop breaks things, but most commonly package updates are the culprit. Either way, if it's urgent you can always checkout the previous develop commit (with git) and roll back the package updates (with the button on the home buffer)


updating the packages borked with some compilation errors, so i removed my elpa directory and reinstalled everything from scratch (which worked fine)


but it's not urgent, or severe - everything is working - just slightly differently from how it used to, and i slightly prefer the old way


If it's any consolation, mine's is also like that. (Last updated a month ago) If you search for ci co, though, you get the completion


Funnily enough, searching for files works as you describe (e.g. p c r b matched the same as pcrb -> perf-test/clj/reitit/bide_perf_test.clj)


ah, ok, i hadn't spotted that you could use a space like that... that's not so bad then


but yeah, i noticed it's only for M-x my projectile-find-files helm is as before


:man-shrugging: i fear i don't care enough to dig into the source 😬


@mccraigmccraig if you try my pull request, then its just , ' and c RET to select cider-connect-clj 🙂 Sesman can be used to launch any type of repl, using either cider-connect or cider-jack-in. Or you can do M-x ses st if you prefer, which works without my pull request


The one I have been obsessing about for a week 🙂


you can just give sesman a try without it though, its been part of CIDER for ages now


Its quite easy to try PR's, here is an overview and video (no pressure to try my pr though if you are busy)


yeah, i already use sesman, it's often the only way with our multi-module monorepo