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I have another version of a pull request to add the Sesman keybindings to the Clojure layer. The keybindings are split along these lines • SPC m c for REPL session management with Sesman, with commands to also connect adhoc buffers and directories to a REPL • SPC m e for evaluating code using source code buffers (no need for a repl buffer to be displayed) • SPC m s to send code to the REPL, assumes you want to actively use the REPL buffer The SPC m s menu is largely unchanged, just moved a couple of keybindings to match Spacemacs convention. The biggest change is starting the REPL, using sesman you are prompted with a choice of Clojure and/or ClojureScirpt REPLs to either jack in or connect too, all from one prompt. So you only need to remember SPC m ' or ,' to start any REPL. I've added a few missing formatting key bindings, especially for .edn files Added the evaluation to point that someone asked about a while ago. You can also reload the namespace or all namespaces from the SPC m s or SPC e menus I also updated the documentation in the README of the layer to include the basics of how to use the features of the layer, along side as the configuration and keybindings documentation


I have pushed an update to the PR, as the format menu has the Spacemacs convention of = , so moved SPC m f to SPC m = . The , = shortcut to format the buffer is now moved to , = = , so should be minimal impact.


After switching from emacs-mac to I notice frames are not put into OS X tabs. I'm guessing that's a feature specific to emacs-mac, but is there a way to visually show or list current frames?


I dont know a visual way, I use SPC b b to show open buffers. This can get quite long if you have Emacs open for a while, so I gave layouts a try and they are my new project scoped tabs. With layouts then SPC b b is scoped to just the project. Example:


Thanks, I'll give this a read!


The only visual thing I have used is treemacs, but as I am not very mouse driven I didnt enjoy using it.


If I had tabs in Spacemacs, then it would probably look as messy as my browser 🙂


I found tabbar which is kind of like what you were thinking for buffers. I'm not loving it though and the list of buffers\tabs it displays seems to jump around which is a bit confusing to me. But yes, just OS X window tabs for frames. Though I did learn emacs is opening frames in separate windows which is fine.


Oh, you were talking about Mac OSX tabs, sorry, didnt read correctly. I have no idea, sorry.


There seems to be a bug with the latest magit-section package, so doing a package update will break magit. The magit status buffer does not overlay the display correctly for the diff. It also doesnt update when staging changes, although I think it still does stage when you press s . To fix I deleted all magit packages from the .emacs.d/elpa directory, set this recipe in dotspacemacs-additional-packages in .spacemacs

  :location (recipe
  :fetcher github
  :repo "magit/magit"
  :commit "4d6bc190b2334fa226035d13fcdfce3cca55d7be"))
and restarted Emacs a couple of times and the magit-diff works just fine. I do get a warning on first reboot about magit version, I assume this is because it hasnt compiled in time Emacs has loaded or is loaded after something that depends on it.