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I rarely use w to move. I use f or SPC j j to jump around text in general. # to jump between symbol names and SPC k lisp state menu for most everything else. Maybe it's why I commented that code, as I didn't use it. When I did try, I only found one line where it stuck with`w`, in the body of the function with a local name that used kebab-case. Seems we get quite a different experience.


f and F are great. I've also really been loving evil-snipe:


Does this mean that you’re not going to attempt to fix/diagnose it?


I copied the code someone else posted about a year ago, I think from the #cider channel. It's not code that I use and it's not part of Spacemacs or the Clojure layer. As you have a need for such a feature you have a better chance of finding a resolution that works for you. You could ask on the #cider channel for suggestions. You could raise an issue on the Spacemacs GitHub repository and explain in detail how to replicate the problem, especially at the scale you were experiencing (it rarely happened when I tried, so don't have enough of a use case to help solve the problem). Thank you.