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A little while ago I noticed that SPC TAB was no longer respecting layouts in Spacemacs. This feature was part of develop but has since been removed it seems. There is a separate branch that has this code and it has been updated to require the spacemacs-layouts layer variable spacemacs-layouts-restrict-spc-tab to be set to true, t. Not sure if there is a bug with this code, or no one had chance to merge it to develop


Ah, correction, its only the documentation that isn't included in develop (I will do a PR). To enable SPC TAB to only switch between buffers in the same layout, add the spacemacs-layouts variable to the .dotspacemacs-configuration-layers

(spacemacs-layouts :variables spacemacs-layouts-restrict-spc-tab t)
The spacemacs-layouts loads by default, so with this layer definition we are simply setting the variable.

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I have created the PR to add documentation to the layer, showing how to configure the restricted functions. I have also added these details to the Practicalli Spacemacs book


I am pushing more videos to the Practicalli Spacemacs book at the moment, if you have any suggestions for videos you would find useful, please let me know.

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