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Mario C.17:12:52

I fat fingered some commands and now I dont know what state/mode I am in

Mario C.17:12:24

Normally dw deletes a word but now when I hit d it just deletes the whole line automatically.

Mario C.17:12:45

Pasting is weird too

Mario C.17:12:14

This has happened before

Mario C.17:12:43

Also the mini buffer below keeps showing an old search string

Mario C.17:12:57

Idk if I am in a mode or if this is a bug


I once had that too suddenly, just restarted spacemacs and it was gone. Never happened again!

Mario C.17:12:23

Yea I did restart it and it was gone but I just came back

Mario C.17:12:40

I wish I paid attention to the last thing I did. I know it had to do with switching windows


If it helps, not only d was working lnke dd, also y worked like yy . And it wasn't caps lock, because on my keyboard layout, caps lock is remapped.

Mario C.18:12:43

Same here. Y working like yy and cap locks is my esc


@mario.cordova.862 So this seems to be something reproducible. Somehow. But i also had no idea what exactly triggered that…Emacs 26.1, Windows 10, spacemacs develop branch.


@spfeiffer is there an Emacs 26.3 build available for Windows 10? Perhaps upgrading Emacs will solve the regression…recently after updating Spacemacs on develop I had misc Spacemacs weirdness on macOS until I realized Emacs was a bit out-of-date


TBH i am not 100% sure it was „.1“, and i cannot recheck, because it was on my work laptop which i returned today because i quit 😉


So i can also not test any upgrade suggestions. It did not yet happen on my private Ubuntu Laptop.


If it does, i will dig deeper.

Mario C.20:12:33

I am on macos though

Mario C.20:12:21

It happened while I had a repl session going. Trying to switch windows to fast I must have missed clicked and did something funky or while trying to send code to CIDER


the symptoms see similar to what I encountered. maybe this will help

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@mario.cordova.862 For me, it surely was no REPL session (because work laptop)


@lee Good catch, sounds like our problem. As i use SPC-/ often, it is possible it was like described there.


But it says / , not SPC-/ . But still it could be this case.


for me mouse use was the cause


Yeah, i do not remember the exact circumstances, but it sounds like this could have happened to me (accidently)