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@jr0cket thanks, that solved the problem. Even my test ns were not being picked up bcoz it was not on the path. I had to manually evaluate each ns before !

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I added a short section on using Multiple Cursors, now its included by default when installing the develop branch. I am interested how people are using multiple cursors, especially as you can call Emacs functions / commands on the cursors, so you can do more than simple editing. Thanks.


I never used it and rarely see a usecase for me.


@U067P1FT2 do you use iedit instead? If you do not use iedit either, how do you do search and replace?


I use combination of both mc-evil and iedit and narrowing. usually what I would do is: - narrow to a region or fn SPC n r SPC n f - then using mc-evil or iEdit do the changes. Most of the time I use iEdit, but sometimes it can be limiting since it doesn’t give you an easy way to “skip” things you don’t want to change


Funny I just installed evil-mc. I like it's though it's a bit too modal with the pause-resume feature. Most of the time I use iedit since I need to manipulate multiple of the same thing. I always wish for good multiple-cursors when doing things like making mocked data by hand or something less code centric.


@jr0cket Well, i use the regular vi or emacs style search-and-replace in the file or project.


a good addition I think would be good for evil-mc would be to automatically pause when adding cursors and automatically resume when doing something like insert


I'll probably do it on my own config