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@jr0cket cool, thank you 🙏. Awesome guide btw.


Thanks for the feedback, it always helps to improve the guide


I updated my .emacs.d from develop and when I try SPC SPC I get the message Wrong type argument: listp, 10


Also updated the packages when it started up


@theeternalpulse did you update your .spacemacs file from the template, SPC f e D. Also recommend restarting Emacs after installing new packages


I restarted after updating, let me check the template, just remembered doing that a long time ago, been a while


If it’s been a while then it’s most likely something new in the template is required. Copy all new settings from the template and restart Emacs


Also take a look at SPC b m the message buffer to see if there are any warnings or errors


ah, it seems to be calling ivy--height: Wrong type argument: listp, 10


I removed ivy and it works with the default helm, but seems it has an issue with enabling ivy


I assume you are using Ivy rather than Helm, if so then SPC SPC probably calls Ivy to display a pop up entering a command patter to narrow. Do you have any custom code in.spacemacs related to Ivy


I assume you have to disable / remove helm to use Ivy as they are both trying to do the same actions in Spacemacs


I removed helm entry and replaced with ivy, until I updated it's been working, I also removed the setq's related to it and restarted, still have the issue, let me try to remove all the helm entries from the custom-settings


You could just move your .spacemacs file and restart Spacemacs, then it will create a new .spacemacs file and it will prompt you as to if you want helm or Ivy. Then just copy over the layers. You should have something working okay then (or you have found a bug in Ivy)


I'll try that, I'm looking through the spacemacs code to see if anything there first since I have no problem on standard emacs using ivy


seems to have been related to (setq counsel-yank-pop-height 10) I had in there at some point


thank goodness for (debug) statements