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Drew Verlee17:09:36

if i enter paredit mode i can't get an invalid structure. is there another way to do that?


@drewverlee Copy paste is the best way to get an invalid structure. Was an invalid structure what you wanted ?


If you toggle of safe structural editing off, then you can also create an invalid structure in Evil style editing (although I have only tried that with smartparens in strict mode

Drew Verlee18:09:59

I wasn't clear. I'm saying, I'm using lisp state, but when I exit that I can still mess up the structure. What's the best way to disallow that globally.

Drew Verlee18:09:59

Actually, evil cleaver parens should help with that. Maybe I didn't have it on.




M-x check-parens helps too

Drew Verlee18:09:02

Ok, thanks I'm looking at the right tools. I must not have enabled it correctly.


sometimes you need to enter unbalanced paren intentionally, then you can do in Spacemacs in insert mode C-v and then insert a paren. In vanilla Emacs that’s bound to C-q

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