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To Update from my question regarding helm all of a sudden not having arrow key support, all you have to do is add (customize-set-variable 'helm-ff-lynx-style-map t) to your user-config!


When flycheck mode is not activated in clojure mode even if i added the syntax-checking layer, where can i have a look? Manually activating works fine, but all resources say the this should work automatically?


And could you remind me what was the rationale for the decision that spacemacs captures the env variables, including PATH? Now i need to remember another place where i need to update a path to make tools available?


Hi, I’m new to Emacs but I thought I’d give it a try. I’m considering Doom and Spacemacs, trying the latter at the moment. One important aspect for me is being able to use the parinfer smart mode. If I understand things correctly, I should be able to add parinfer to the list dotspacemacs-configuration-layers in my .spacemacs. However that results in a warning when launching spacemacs: “Unknown layer parinfer declared in dotfile.“. How do I solve this?


@stefan.van.den.oord You need to be on the develop branch to make parinfer work.

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Most likely that is your problem.


Indeed it was, thank you!

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Unfortunately, master branch is really extremely behind develop. But as develop feels really stable, the general advice is to switch to develop. I heard there are activities to bring master up to speed, but that is a big task and may take some time.


ouch that bad? 😉


I did have it recreate my .spacemacs, it was missing some config directives, but after that it worked fine.


Yes, that bad. „Switch to develop“ is the general advice nowadays for many spacemacs problems…


No worries, I was just teasing, didn’t mean anything negative with it. I now how these things go. In fact I think in the past I have had a project where I renamed “master” to “old-master” and “develop” to “master” 🙂


in a clojrue project when a new file is created, there is a setting which inserts a default ns into the file based on the file name and dir depth. does anyone know how to enable it ?


@murtaza52 I never heard of that, sounds interesting.


@spfeiffer I reinstalled spacemacs, and have lost that setting. going through the old .spacemacs file but cant figure out which setting that was (the old file got corrupted).


@murtaza52 I think adding the namespace is done if you have clj-refactor enabled (I haven't checked this in a while though) (clojure :variables clojure-enable-clj-refactor t) This is my Spacemacs setup Nd ms and renaming of files with - in the name both work