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eccentric J00:07:56

Anyone know off-hand how to make spacemacs perform evil yank\deletes against a register other than the system clipboard by default? I prefer the default vim behavior so I can have something in the clipboard without worrying about it getting replaced.

eccentric J03:07:17

(local initial-state {:state :idle
                       :menu nil
                       :page active})

eccentric J03:07:50

For some reason spacemacs thinks that’s the correct indentation

eccentric J04:07:47

Going to take this to emacs. I’m betting this is more of a general emacs thing.


I am not experiencing any issue with indenting in Spacemacs develop


I hit something like this every once in a while. Infrequently enough that I just hand-correct it and move on. But if you find a solution, I'd love to hear about it!

eccentric J13:07:39

Thanks, after investigating it seems to be an issue specific to fennel-mode which is another lisp language. My solution for now is to just use Clojure mode since they’re pretty similar.

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eccentric J14:07:04

One more question: What’s the best way to run clojure-mode with .fnl files?


dont know if this is best, but apparently (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.fnl" . clojure-mode)) should work, if you put in your .spacemacs file...

eccentric J21:07:02

Ended up finding the cause. updates the editorconfig. I had

Which was causing fennel-mode and emacs-lisp-mode to mess up indentation.