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All the time I gain by shaving seconds off of commands by using magit in spacemacs, I lose every time I try to do a reset to e.g. HEAD^. Once I enter the hard reset branch-name to: narrowing prompt, and start typing out letters one by one, H is entered immediately, E appears after a few seconds, A causes many seconds of lag… What should be a subsecond command ends up with me stuck in the prompt because I, in frustration, entered some sequence of ESC, q or the rest of what I was trying to type (`HEAD^`), and now, the narrowing menu is rendering weirdly.


Anyone else experience this, ever? Not the narrowing menu getting fucked up, that’s a general problem with spacemacs/the narrowing lib, it seems, and I live with that, but the RESET narrowing prompt being extremely slow?


I thought the problem might be due to way too many local branches in that project, but I deleted all but 10-20, and the problem persists.


It’s only in this particular project, though.


Maybe it’s because we have 1206 branches on origin and magit is trying to download them all every time I enter a key… Or something like that? I read that magit is known to be reloading stuff all the time.


@reefersleep Suggest you upgrade to a newer version of Spacemacs develop branch or perhaps disable magithub. In recent versions of Spacemacs develop branch, magithub is set to offline by default, so it doesnt go and look at your considerably long number of branches when you want to do something. See Or you could do something radical, like delete 1200 of the branches 😂


I’d like to, believe me… There’s a reason they’re there, though 🙂


I’ll try to upgrade, cheers @jr0cket!


Anyone know how to leave root access and go back to normal user access after spacemacs/sudo-edit. SPC f E Its seems like the command starts a tramp session, so I am looking through some tramp related commands (I havent used that before)