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Andrea Imparato17:05:07

hello, anybody knows the best way to convert an org file to a pdf file with spacemacs?

Andrea Imparato17:05:19

when I do C-c C-e I can’t find the option to export to latex 😕


Huh! Perhaps you need to have the latex layer installed as well?

Andrea Imparato09:05:08

i do have it installed 😕

Andrea Imparato09:05:03

in fact exporting latex to pdf works perfectly fine


I want to grok Structured Editing in Spacemacs, where do I start/what are some good learning material? 🙂


There is more to add for structured editing in that book, so let me know if there is anything particular I can add 😁


I also did a video going through some of the basics of structured editing, hopefully you find it useful;list=PLy9I_IfUBzKJSgctCJaRYcnF6kZdiZ5ku&amp;index=3

👍 4