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Has anyone experienced trouble with cider-jack-in using a fresh Spacemacs install recently? A ClojureBridge mentee of mine has been blocked for a long while trying to get up and running after she had to reinstall Spacemacs. Leiningen 2.9.1 on Java 1.8.0_211 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM, no profiles.clj that we can find, cider-version is "0.22.0snapshot-20190515.946", and the error is "CIDER requires nREPL 0.4.4 or newer" and hanging when trying to evaluate anything.


@daveliepmann I had this and it turned out to be something wrong with the project (I have seen this happen when a stylised double quote character was copy/pasted). Itโ€™s usually a fault in the project, a profile or or a Java version causing the problem


It sounds like you have a dependency somewhere that is pulling in an older version of REPL, so must be the project or one of its dependencies, if itโ€™s not a profile.


Try with a brand new project, lein new simpleproject


Also check that Emacs path is correctly pulling in the right versions of Java, Leiningen, there may be more than one version installed on different parts of the system execution path


Oh, and make sure they are using the develop branch of spacemacs


Why not master? I thought that was stable.


master is about 17 months behind develop. The maintainers are working on a release soon (?) but they accepted a lot of pull requests with features and fixes into develop that are not in master yet. Although updating the changelog is now part of accepting any pull request, they had over a 1000 of these pull requests that didn't have an entry, so have had to go back and figure out what has changed for the 0.300 release. They have been squeezed by their own popularity. I have used develop branch almost since the start and encouraged everyone else to do so, just don't update just before a live demo ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot has changed in CIDER and the Clojure layer since master and its harder to resolve bugs if you are not on the develop branch.


I think once version 0.300 of Spacemacs is released it will be okay to go back to master.


That explanation is super helpful. Thank you again.


No problem. I would be interested in your experiences of ClojureBridge, especially in regards of ways to improve. I run the London chapter and we have added a lot of content to help beginners at Feel free to DM me here.


Looking through your CB work is definitely on my TODO list ๐Ÿ™‚ I watched of your videos already and have some more queued up.


Thanks, I'll be making a lot more improvements over the coming weeks and months...


@daveliepmann If the student is really stuck, they could alway try VSCode, Atom, or IntelliJ. The ClojureBridge Install guides for these tools are here


In a workshop setting I would. This student is doing ongoing mentoring so I'd like to support her existing spacemacs workflow.

practicalli-johnny12:05:19 details my set up and some of my workflow, so maybe useful... Still work in progress, but always improving


๐Ÿ™:skin-tone-3: thanks so much for these pointers!


Spacemacs jumps to reflection warnings and very annoying. How do I turn this off?


Can you elaborate please


it might be just me, but every time I start up REPL, or eval some system components, the buffer will jump to the reflection warnings all over the places, made me lose track of my position.


Never seen this before and wouldn't know how to replicate in my own code. Are you able to share the project code?


I am assuming this is project specific. You could always check by creating a new project from scratch.

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Igor Garcia12:05:10

Hello. In case it's a leiningen project, try this on your project.clj:

:global-vars {*warn-on-reflection* false}