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When using neotree, If I split window 1 vertically, then the new window 2 is smaller than window 1 in width. Is there anyway to have window 1 evenly split vertically?


thanks @jr0cket! I came across that same github issue which made it even more confusing 😉 might be a regression then... my current workaround is to swithc to emacs-state for debugging either with C-z for the duration of debugging or with \ for next command only


Is anyone interested in helping modify the Clojure layer so that there's an option to use inf-clojure instead of CIDER? My emacs-lisp is pretty bad but I am interested in both learning it, and in shortening my toolchain


Not that I don't love CIDER, but I'm contemplating a project where there's so many different places to go wrong, that it seems prudent to learn about inf-clojure, and I would want to carry over as many keybindings as possible


I assume you are suggesting creating an alternate Clojure layer that uses clojure-inf rather than submitting pull requests to the existing Clojure layer, as that seems quite CIDER specific and I would be weary about adding more complexity to the current Clojure layer. I would rather see CIDER have the option to use inf-Clojure and minimize customization in Spacemacs layers, but I am unsure how feasible it is. Copying the existing Clojure layer to a personal layer called closure-inf (for example) seems like a good starting place to at least try out inf-clojure as an alternative to CIDER.


Well, my original suggestion was inspired by having seen layers like autocomplete with instructions for choosing your own back end. But I'm not married to that idea


Your suggestion makes sense


and if it works great then (1) I'll have learned more elisp and can re-evaluate the swappable concept, and (2) orchard/cider will be at some new point in their evolution


I think its worth keeping track of discussions in #cider and #emacs channels about inf-clojure. I would be interested in trying things out for you, to at least compare the CIDER and inf-clojure experience.


There is also some interest around too... its interesting times in Clojure tooling space 🙂


cool cool, thanks!


Is toggling the help for the transient states a custom thing or is it provided by hydra?


Did you find any answer to your question? I had a quick look at the source code and it seemed it was a mixture of custom Spacemacs elisp and hydra.


I did see that spacemacs defines their hydras with custom macros/functions, but didn't dive too deep. Probably going to find some time to deep dive and figure out what it's doing. I've seen some solutions using the verbosity, but I still want to display a header similar to how they do it in spacemacs


for example for layout transient state, pressing ? will toggle the docstring