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I'm trying to do a symbol refactor. I'm in a cljs file using shadow-cljs. I have successfully connected with cider-jack-n-clojurescript. When I try to do this I get a message that says the refactor-nrepl middleware is not available. I have added it (`[refactor-nrepl "2.4.0"]) to .shadow-cljs/config.edn and to shadow-cljs.edn and neither work.


I also have it set up in ~/.lein/profiles.clj


I'm also having issues getting the symbol refactor to work in a clj project. That's the error I get.


I'm still a very new to emacs & spacemacs so I'm probably just doing something dumb. I'm just not sure what


Does anyone know how to get spacemacs not to indent like this?


I would like for each new line to just be two spaces, but it seems to be doing something strange


If you put a new line after dom/div then it should indent 2 spaces. Its aligning the arguments.


ah yes that makes sense


@njj We had tat here just yesterday, what a coincidence:

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I use automatic aggressive indenting because I like arguments to line up, especially let, pairs of values in vectors and maps, etc. If you have these enable then it maybe doing too much indenting for you.

;; Indentation of function forms
  (setq clojure-indent-style 'align-arguments)
  ;; Vertically align s-expressions
  (setq clojure-align-forms-automatically t)
  ;; Auto-indent code automatically
  (add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook #'aggressive-indent-mode)

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maybe looking at clojure-indent-style will give more insight if you want to change indenting. I am happy enough letting Spacemacs / CIDER drive the indenting. If the shape of the code looks wrong, it’s often because I’ve made a typo or bug.