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Smartparens is my favorite


Pareinfer I feel gets annoying quickly.


Especially if you start pasting code

Drew Verlee18:05:41

I believe thats because the parinfer version on emacs is behind the current spec (atom and cursive have the latests for instance). I'm guessing by "trouble if you paste code" you mean that parinfer will sometimes incorrectly change the structure of the s-expressions, which it doesn't do in the new version.

Drew Verlee18:05:13

I have spent too much time looking at options in this space, and imo, parinfer is the right balance for me. Everything else would seem to require a lot of manipulating via commands, when i find it much easier to move things spacial. The same way i perfer pressing up and left rather then having a custom up and left button.


I think parinfer lowers the barrier to try a lisp, which is nice.


I am afraid that statement is not universal (as has been seen in the recent discussion here). Or we are greatly missing out on something about parinfer and would like to know more. parinfer may make sense to some people and its a great addition, but it also confuses people too. I have had the same experience teaching a wide range of people Clojure with many different tools that are suppose to help (LightTable, NightCode, etc). The only thing I can say with any certainty is that nothing lowers the barrier to try lisp (Clojure) for *everyone*.

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What i meant: With parinfer, i get support for balancing my parens by „only“ understanding the concept of indentation, that many people might know from python or nowadays YAML, using one „keybinding“: space. With structural editing, i need to understand concepts like barf-forward, slurp-backward, splice, raise, lower, and the accompanying key bindings, which afaik are nowhere used outside lisps. You are right, my opinion was not universal, but from a viewpoint of someone who did Python for some time. Sorry for not stating that more clearly.


And i am talking parens-mode, not indent-mode.


I am happy with everone using what he thinks suits him, and parinfer gives more choice. People might find it confusing, people might find it helpful and accessible. I do not think its better than the alternatives. Its just providing a different way…