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As we've been talking about Lisp state, I have started using it more. I've now added SPC k t to transpose two expressions. Put the cursor at the start of the second expression and it will swap places (transpose) with the previous expression. Found this good for re-ordering unit test assertions and where I got the order of functional composition mixed up πŸ™‚

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ooooh this channel is a treasure trove!


When I decided to learn Clojure, my natural inclination was to go with Cursive because I was very familiar with IntelliJ. But then I figured why not explore emacs and see what all the fuss has been for all these years. I started with plain emacs but got frustrated with fiddling too much with my config. I was much happier when I found spacemacs - and my hands were much happier with evil mode.


Even after quite a bit of practice I still find myself stumbling a bit with β€œwhat.. how did I manage to get myself here?” scenarios. I think avoiding the mouse and always switching back to normal state after making a change help a lot.


And thanks for your guides @jr0cket! They really helped and continue to help!

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