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What's a common (or idiomatic keybinding given spacemacs setup) for slurping sexps?


@martinklepsch im using the smartparens in spacemacs for this. SPC-k-s


SPC-k-S for backwards and b and B for barfs


@rahul080327 neat! Somehow I didn't find this before (and I did look 😅)

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Andrea Imparato09:04:07

hello, has anybody ever tried to use pywal ( on osx and try to use the xresources-theme package?


@martinklepsch lots of structural editing fun with Lisp state under SPC k


@ag I had a recent PR merged today for Clojure layer, so looks it like the maintainers may be catching up


yah, totally. Seems too many people complained about not having a release for almost a year. There’s a lot of work they have to get done, I guess we can wait for a bit longer. I’m feeling good about new release, might even consider switching back to master when it’s out


There seem to be a couple of new maintainers. There are also planning more frequent point releases and using a nice tagging system to highlight changes for a release.


what’s been bugging me for a long time - nobody closes old issues. There are so many issues that either incomplete or irrelevant or describing an upstream problem that may have been already fixed


Thanks @jr0cket - lisp state looks great. My current usage has mostly been just slurp (believe it or not). I probably don’t need the extra state in most cases (ie just back to normal mode after slurp) but I’m sure there a way to make that work


I mostly use slurp, barf and raise (my new favourite). I sometimes use delete, but C-k is usually enough to cut an expression.