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hey friends, can you please help me to get tiny pr noticed by maintainers. This thing has been bugging me for a long time. Once this gets accepted and merged I will submit a fix for Spacemacs

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by ‘help’ I mean vote with an emoticon

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In case If you’re curious why Spacemacs needs a separate PR. Basically when in Spacemacs you do g g or , g d - it uses so called spacemacs-jump-handlers. At some point working in Cljs project I got annoyed with cider-find-var (it didn’t support Cljs at all) also I wanted to jump to definition even when not jacked-in. I made it so it would fallback to dumb-jump whenever it fails to use cider-find-var. It would be fair to say that find-var works better in Spacemacs than in vanilla Emacs with cider. But it currently doesn’t have a way to open definition in other window. I have a fix but without the aforementioned fix for cider - it’s almost useless.

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