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Mario C.19:02:49

If I get an exception in repl (CIDER) it duplicates my windows. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Is this expected?


quickly press SPC w u and hope nobody sees that

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and stop writing clojure that throws exceptions. That’s not idiomatic Clojure 😉

rich 10
Mario C.19:02:02

I guess its known behavior?


If errors duplicate the source code buffers, then it sounds like something is wrong. I get loads of Clojure code errors every day and all I get is a popup telling me the error message.


+1, same here. Haven’t dived into this problem though.

Mario C.15:02:25

I get the pop up too but it also multiplies the source code buffers (windows?). It doesn't happen each and every time but it happens often enough that I decided to ask around. SPC w u does the trick though