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anyone have any luck ignoring files on a per project basis? Here is what i tired: 1. create a .proejctile file in the base of my project 2. add the line -/*.js to it 3. stage and commit it run command projectile-replace 4. i still see .js files


.gitignore should do, no?


also peeking into elisp code it seems it tries to use ag, ack and then git-grep (in that order). So maybe .agignore helps?


i can't gitignore these files because there important to the project. Maybe i can just ignore while replacing? is there an option for "no to everything in this file"


tbh. I am not following what you’ve just typed.


for global replace what I usually do is search for something, then in search results I’d press C-c C-e and then use iEdit or multiple cursors, then commit my changes


I got it to work for my case (mostly projectile-ag) a while back @U0DJ4T5U1... i had to make some changes to spacemacs menus iirc... will look up details when I'm back behind a keyboard


mostly i wanted search and replace to work. most other cases i can ignore the other files


i was just after search, but there may be a similar solution for search/replace - i ended up replacing the default <sap> binding, 'cos the default binding was ignoring the projectile exclusions - this went in dotspacemacs/userconfig :