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how i enable paredit mode in spacemacs, i use 'enable-paredit-mode' for this for each file. but i want to enable paredit mode permanently


Hi, i cannot give you the exact syntax from the top of my head from my phone, but there are hooks for opening different filetypes where you can call functions, in those hooks you can enable modes, you put them in your spacemacs config file.


@jaharapi Instead of using paredit, I would encourage you to try *smartparens*, which is already part of the Clojure layer. Paredit was last updated in December 2014. Smartparens in strict mode works just like paredit and for more than just lisp languages too. You can enable smartparents in your .spacemacs file

dotspacemacs-smartparens-strict-mode t
   dotspacemacs-smart-closing-parenthesis t
More details here: The *lisp* state, SPC k, provides a very powerful set of tools for structured editing using smartparens If you are using Evil (Vim) style editing and are using the develop branch of Spacemacs, then enabling Evil safe structural editing is recommended


If you prefer to have the paredit keybindings back (and prefer Emacs style keybindings) there are examples on this website that you could just add to the dotspacemacs/user-config section of your .spacemacs file.


thanks and i also want my paredit keybinding back


just switch to prelude to spacemacs


evil mode is still too evil for me