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David Pham10:01:10

Is there a way to completely deactivate evil-mode?

David Pham10:01:19

in space macs?


Edit your .spacemacs file and change the line dotspacemacs-editing-style 'vim to dotspacemacs-editing-style 'emacs I assume you will need to restart Spacemacs for this to take effect.


I’m connecting to a postgresql database via spacemacs/SQLi, which is awesome! However, some of our columns have long strings of text, which seriously slows down emacs. Is there anything I can do to amend this (other than not viewing those columns in emacs)?


if you use org-mode and ob-sql you can eval your sql queries and you can force it to be raw format, that way it won’t output it in a table


here’s an example:

#+begin_src sql :engine "postgresql" :dbhost "localhost" :database "cc" :dbuser "cc_user" :dbpassword "password" :results table
    select * users limit 10;
This will output it in table, but you can change the header to be raw or something like that

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I just selected 5 random rows and it made the buffer ~24.000 columns wide.