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@dijonkitchen Could you define what a beginner mode would look like?


Basically one you can learn Clojure without vim or emacs but can use packages


Sorry, I really don’t understand what that means


A basic editor like VScode but with emacs packages for clojure


I wouldn’t really call VSCode a basic editor as it’s more complex than say sublime. VSCode very basic editing functions (Cntl-x|c|v) should be more familiar to those used to window/word/notepad editing than Emacs and Vim. As there is already the Calva addon for VSCode, aiming at delivering a CIDER like experience, then there seems little value in putting a lot of effort into simplifying Emacs or Spacemacs. You could install just Spacemacs base distribution and the Clojure layer, but it sounds like you are asking to remap a lot of the editing keybindings to make them more familiar to those who don’t know Emacs or Vim. That would take a fair bit of thought to come up with the right config that was familiar and yet didn’t stop you from progressing to an Emacs or Vim approach. I don’t think there is any advantage to users in using Emacs as just another editor.