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TIL about evil-exchange, bound to g x by default. Do g x, then a motion to delineate some text. (Visual selection before g x works too.) Then go somewhere else, type g x and another motion, at which point the two regions you defined are exchanged.

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That's one that I dropped in favor of lispy's teleport!


That's really nice, thanks Jeff


I found this because somebody shared a useful vim tip that, so far as I can tell, Spacemacs lacks: visually select some lines that have a number in them, then g C-a increments the numbers so that each line has a bigger number. IOW, with these lines selected:

this is a line with a 0 in it
this is a line with a 0 in it
this is a line with a 0 in it
…then g C-a will convert them to this:
this is a line with a 1 in it
this is a line with a 2 in it
this is a line with a 3 in it

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That vim tip would be great. You could increase all the numbers at the same time with iedit SPC s e and use number increase/decrease at point SPC n + and SPC n -. Not as useful, but wonder if it could be adapted?


how do I solve the problem where I can't do anything because of these errors

command-execute: Cannot open load file: Too many open files, counsel-projectile
face-attribute: Cannot open load file: Too many open files, evil-surround


I've tried clean buffer list but that doesn't do anything


trying to do M-x gives me

Error running timer ‘which-key--update’: (file-error "Read error on documentation file" "Too many open files" "DOC")
command-execute: Buffer is read-only: #<buffer *spacemacs*>


can't even restart because of too many open files


found a way to get to "kill some buffers" and did it. Not sure how this happened, is there a setting or something I need to prevent this. i'm on a mac-book pro so I'm surprised I got this, not sure the origin


@U1CUUKHDL Do you know how many buffers (approximately) you had open? I often use helm transient state to clear down buffers, e.g. SPC b B for global buffer list, then M-SPC for helm transient state. Narrow by typing a pattern for the name if required, use T to mark all buffers listed and M-D to kill marked buffers. I often do this for Magit buffers that seem to hang around, using Magit as the pattern in the above process


Nice! I had M-SPC shadowed by Alfred! The workaround was to use helm normally to filter, C-SPC to select without helm transient and M-D to remove I wonder what else M-SPC contains...


Can you M-x when helm is open and find the helm transient mode function? I do something similar when M-SPC doesn't work for org agenda transient mode.


It complains about opening helm inside helm 😕


Ah right…because M-x uses helm for autocompletion. That makes sense.


For this I just use SPC b B -> filter -> select with C-SPC -> kill


I see, I pretty much cleared out the buffers with kill some buffers, and that was after a restart. I thought clean buffer list would work, but that doesn't do much forme