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Using develop branch, Emacs 26.1, Linux Mint Cinnamon, when having a maximized frame of emacs, when i do c c in the magit status, the frame shrinks to some default size (way too small). Anyone got an idea what could cause that? Doing the same under Windows keeps the frame maximized…


@U067P1FT2 very strange behaviour. I haven’t seen this before. My suggestion is to set magic to start full frame by adding this variable to the git layer in .spacemacs

(git :variables
          git-magit-status-fullscreen t)


Thanks for the hint, will try that


Is there a way to let magit pop up in a new buffer in the same window? For me it splits the window side by side and appears in window 2. But i do not need to have the other window still visible…


Using the full screen layer option displays magit in a single window. When you quit out of magit it returns to the previous layout. When doing a commit, you get two windows, one for the commit message and one for the changed text. Here is a short video on how I use magit like that at


Not sure if that answers the question though...


I'll try the fullscreen when i am at home at my linux machine, thank you!


Yes, the variables let magit reuse the existing window with a new buffer, but still the emacs frame shrinks from maximized to a much smaller window after c c in magit, when the commit message editor opens…


That really annoys me…i have to press Meta-F10 again and again after each commit to remaximize the frame…


Googling does not bring up anything helpful…


Sorry, I havent found anything either. My suggestions to fix this are 1) move or delete everything under `~/.emacs.d/elpa - this will make Spacemacs download all packages again. A refinement would be to just delete the magit related packages 2) move or delete the ~/.spacemacs file and restart Spacemacs - you will be prompted to answer the initial questions again 3) move or delete ~/.emacs.d directory and ~/.spacemacs, clone the spacemacs repository again and start Emacs. If you still get the same behaviour, then somehow you have configured your window manager to minimise on the keybinding c c.


I set the frame to maximized using dotspacemacs-maximized-at-startup t.

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