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Mario C.00:11:41

Is there any tool like kdiff built into spacemacs?

Mario C.00:11:40

highlight sections in two buffers and have it show the differences in them


@mario.cordova.862 is SPC SPC ediff what you are looking for? Ediff is also used for diffing your .spacemacs file with its template when you run SPC f e D

Mario C.00:11:54

Does ediff allow me to check the differences in two different sections of the same file

Mario C.00:11:19

I think it does

Mario C.00:11:23



Oh, interesting. Are you doing that kind of a diff for a merge conflict or something else. Had not thought of this before, so curious.

Mario C.00:11:05

I have two sections with a set of rules. Some of them are equal thought it would be easier to just diff those two sections

Mario C.00:11:30

Having trouble with some emacs commands. C-M-c is what exactly?


@mario.cordova.862 If you are asking what keys C-M-c represent, then it is hold Control and Meta (alt, option) keys while pressing c. If you want to know what that does in Spacemacs, then use SPC h d k and press the key combination to describe what that does. Or use SPC h d b and type C-M-c to describe this key binding (you may need to scroll (`C-j`) if there are a lot of fuzzy matches. It is best to check when you are in the mode that you are wanting to use that keybinding just in case there is something set to be mode specific.