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To search project-wise I press /search_term, to reopen that search I press SPC s l. How can refine the search after pressing SPC s l?


@U3A7Z18JZ it sounds like you are experiencing some kind of bug. When I do a project search, SPC /search-term and then reopen the search with SPC s l I have a helm style popup where I can edit the search-term. When you installed Spacemacs, did you change to the develop branch? Did you select Ivy instead of Helm? Not sure if thats related, but it would help to know.


Since when does / search in the project? i need to do SPC / for that?


@U05254DQM let's say I did the search and saw some results in helm popup, than I jumped to one of the results and changed it so it does not qualify for the search term any more. But then, when I press SPC s l - I still see that outdated search result. The question was how can I update the search result in helm-popup window?


@U067P1FT2 I'm sorry, I meant SPC / of course. Thank you.


Ah okay. i thought i missed something…


@U3A7Z18JZ I did a second project search after deleting the result of the first and the result was gone. I am using Helm and develop branch of Spacemacs, so perhaps you are experiencing an earlier bug or an issue with ivy.


@U05254DQM yes, I know when you redo the search - the result is gone. But when you just press SPC s l - the result is still there


@U3A7Z18JZ oh yes, my bad. I get the same problem. Congrats you have found a bug 🙂


although if I delete a character in the search-term then the search results in the popup buffer do update correctly


@U05254DQM it has been working for me like this for almost two years - since I started using spacemacs. Thank you, I'll report.


so I guess it caches the results and then searches again


are you not able to change the search-term ?


the command does say resume, so am not sure if it is a bug or just the way you interpret what resume does


> although if I delete a character in the search-term then the search results in the popup buffer do update correctly Yes, this is how I update the search right now, but it's a bit confusing. I thought there is a hidden hotkey that I don't know that updates the search.


certainly encourage you raise this as an issue and suggest how you would like to improve this


@U05254DQM C-c C-u does the trick. It is bound to helm-refresh

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Well, might be an intended behaviour…It just redisplays the previous search result to continue working in it. Might be performance reasons to not automatically redo the search.

Nikita Vasilchenko20:10:05

Hi! I have a trouble with cider. Error occurring in repl buffers when I execute cider-jack-in command


Hello @UCRM55BKM unfortunately the repl-server log lines are truncated, so its hard to see the full details of the message. Can you confirm if you are using the develop branch and if so, which commit (or when did you last pull commits). The commit that removed sayid is only 7 days old. If you can run Spacemacs without Sayid at all, then this may fix the issue (assuming Sayid is the root cause)

Nikita Vasilchenko03:10:52

I’m using the master branch

Nikita Vasilchenko04:10:35

Hmm. After few manipulations with .spacemacs I got helm-M-x: The boot executable isn't on your 'exec-path' but I have reinstall spacemacs and continue getting this error.


It seems the most likely cause of your original nrepl-server is an incompatible JVM. Maybe your profile and rc files have different JVM versions set.


Can you confirm you only have Java 8 or OpenJDK 8 installed?


@UCRM55BKM For boot, you can check all your environment variables using SPC f e e. Try changing where you define the PATH for boot in your dot files for your OS.

Nikita Vasilchenko19:10:57

Hello, I’m really appreciate your attention. I’m trying to digging in this direction. Thank you. I’ll write when found solution.

Nikita Vasilchenko20:10:11

I have reinstall emacs-plus by brew and pull spacemacs. And everything works fine. Thank you very much for your participation)


Great to hear. Feel free to ask more questions you have in the #spacemacs channel. I am also writing a book on Spacemacs and Clojure, which may be of some use

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