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Mario C.03:10:34

I am having issues installing spacemacs. I get File is missing: Cannot open load file, No such file or directory, bind-map

Mario C.03:10:51

Fixed by starting emacs with --insecure

Mario C.03:10:25

In the installation message buffer I get Package ws-butler is unvailable. Is the package name misspelled?

Mario C.03:10:28

And it just hangs there


@mario.cordova.862 are you still running with emacs --insecure? There is also a setting in .spacemacs to us only http to connect to melpa. If ws-butler is an install from Github rather than an elpa install, there may be something broken with your git install or git needs to be configured to work with a proxy (assuming you are installing Spacemacs in a network behind a proxy)

Mario C.15:10:58

I ran emacs --insecure and it pulled all the packages and afterwards I was able to start emacs regularly without the --insecure flag.


@mario.cordova.862 the setting dotspacemacs-elpa-https t in dotspacemacs/init section of .spacemacs gives you the same results as emacs --insecure once Spacemacs is installed.

Mario C.16:10:05

But wouldn't that always start spacemacs as insecure if I set that setting to that?


@mario.cordova.862 yes, but it just means you are downloading packages from elpa over http rather than https. Otherwise it makes no difference to the rest of emacs.

Mario C.23:10:14

I see well its working just fine so will leave it as it but will keep this in mind just in case it appears again.


Or it could be just a broken download of the elpa package, in which case you should check under the .emacs.d/elpa directory (in the relevant sub directories for Emacs version and Spacemacs branch) and delete the relevant package. Restart Emacs and it will try and download the package again.


@plexus thanks. I though I spotted a whitespace bug, but just me reading the diff incorrectly, sorry.


The CircleCI tests are failing where you have a space between the org-mode header and the content in the Seems a bit picky, but easily fixed.


@plexus a matter of style perhaps, but I put additonal layer config under the :variable name

(clojure :variables 
         clojure-enable-sayid t
         clojure-enable-clj-refactor t)
Just wondering if this is my convention or if everyone does it this way. I think most of examples I've seen are like this.

Mario C.23:10:53

By any chance does spacemacs have a way to sort my buffers in alphabetical order?

Mario C.23:10:18

that way I can do SPC b n and know my files will be going a -> z

Mario C.23:10:30

and SPC b p is going z -> a

Mario C.23:10:47

alphabetical order based on file name that is