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Josh Horwitz02:08:43

@jr0cket Has the recorded video of the talk surfaced yet?


I am afraid the venue didnt record the event and my own screen recording failed for some reason. I will try and find time to do the workshop virtually, once I have successfully tested my youtube live skills.


@drewverlee by any chance, are you using spacemacs inside of tmux?


nope, i found a issue on the spacemacs repo that describes my issue. thanks for the consideration though 🙂


Great that you found it :)

Mario C.20:08:47

In IntelliJ's Cursive I had the ability to right-click in the editor and then choose annotate which would then show the last person who committed the current line. Does this functionality exists in Spacemacs?


SPC-g-b will give you a git blame view of the file; q to get out


i don’t know of anything for just one line