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well i feel silly for not trying gc before coming here asking for it but at least it started a good convo! i'm continually impressed with what comes included with default spacemacs

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@chase-lambert quite a few options around comments. I tend to use M-; at the start of a line, although SPC ; ; works pretty much the same. I am using getting more vim with gcc to comment a line and gcap to comment a paragraph. Also found a way to create comment borders in vim normal state, e.g. for comment boarder of 42, I type 42 i ; then when I press ESC or fd vim inputs all 42 ; characters.


@chase-lambert If you want to put the result of evaluating a Clojure function or symbol, you can use , e ; in vim normal state. This evaluates the current function the cursor is in, so its the same as , e f but you get the result as a comment.


I’ve also been using the 42 i ; trick for creating sections in my code. Really handy. Did not know about eval as comment! I actually customized my dot file to add that functionality...good to know it already existed.