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hey all I am seeing this error while starting up cider

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve var: cemerick.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl in this context
	at clojure.lang.Util.runtimeException(
	at clojure.lang.Compiler$TheVarExpr$Parser.parse(
	at clojure.lang.Compiler.analyzeSeq(


I am using a new leing template with reaget. Has anyone seen tis error before?


@mario.cordova.862 Clojure’s version is typically specified in your project.clj. For CIDER it’s more complicated, but could you clarify why you need to specify it? SPC m s i runs cider-jack-in. If you also want a ClojureScript REPL, you should do SPC m s I, ie cider-jack-in-clojurescript.

Mario C.15:08:50

So after I run SPC m s i I run SPC m s s and I get this as an output.

Mario C.15:08:14

{:user {:plugins [[cider/cider-nrepl "0.18.0"]]}}

Mario C.15:08:28

That is what my profiles.clj looks like

Mario C.15:08:47

Hope that clarifies what/why I was trying to ask


It does. Don't know the solution to that one offhand -- I'd suggest posting that one in #cider. If I had to guess, I'd guess that either a) your system default versions of clj/s are old, or b) you're specifying old versions in your ~/.lein/profiles.clj. You might also want to try creating a minimal new project with lein & verify that the problem is the same -- that should rule out it being something in your current project.

Mario C.15:08:50

@eggsyntax Thanks for the help


NP, sorry I couldn't help on that one! I've encountered that, but not for a long time, & I totally forget the solution.

Mario C.15:08:40

Its all good! It wasn't causing any issues but I don't like seeing warnings lol


@stbgz yeah, you’re probably running up against the fact that CIDER’s undergoing rapid changes at the moment. Try searching wrap-cljs-repl in the #cider channel (this one seems promising: ). Or post it in #cider and they’ll walk you through solving it. tl;dr — this is a temporary problem due to CIDER churn, and you probably just have to fiddle with versions, maybe reinstall some stuff. Good luck!


@eggsyntax thanks! appreciate the feeback