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Treemacs looks cool so far. Lol on the icons, I was like, ahhh cool little icons and then saw your post. are you folks getting this error on startup: --> installing package: ac-ispell@auto-completion... [1/1] Package ac-ispell is unavailable. Is the package name misspelled? How would I find out what layer is trying to add this or go about getting this fixed?


ac-ispell comes in auto-completion layer


it might be broken... simply put in in dotspacemacs-excluded-packages


that's usually the easiest workaround for faulty packages


that worked! easy peasy. and whoa! develop branch loads over twice as fast for me.


I'd recommend purging .cache in ~/.emacs.d (whenever you update version of Emacs or switch branches). Simply do git clean -xfd, first run it with -n key. It will do a dry run. To make sure that you're not deleting something important


ok. this was a clean install straight into develop mode though


oh, then you're good

Mario C.04:07:06

haha thanks! Ill look into it! @ag @eggsyntax

Mario C.15:07:50

Question: From neotree how can I open a file in a new window?

Chase17:07:45 This might help ya. It shows commands for split windows too if that is what you are asking. If you open one file and want to go back to the buffer you were just in before opening that file you would hit SPC TAB


I'm definitely liking treemacs more than neotree so far (but have spent a grand total of maybe 15 minutes using it -- I mostly tend to do SPC p h for helm-projectile to fuzzy search in-project files. But the learning curve on treemacs seems to be trivial, so it's worth it even if you don't use file trees much...