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i'm playing around with the Learn Reagent tutorial just for fun and it uses shadow-cljs but I don't seem to have this command: M-x cider-create-sibling-cljs-repl Any advice on how to get that going? I'm trying to use the instructions provided here:


@U9J50BY4C the M-x cider-create-sibling-cljs-repl is my Spacemacs setup which is running CIDER 18-snapshot, specifically .emacs.d/elpa/25.3/develop/cider-20180509.109/


I use the develop branch of Spacemacs, which will pick up the latest snapshots of Cider and other packages when I do an Update Packages from the Spacemacs home page. If you are using Spacemacs develop then run Update Packages and you should have that command


If you are using the master branch of Spacemacs, the default, you may only have earlier (stable) versions of Cider. If you are not sure which Spacemacs branch you are using, then

cd ~/.emacs.d/
git branch


thanks for the info! I'm on the default but am not opposed to the develop branch at all as long as it's reasonably stable to learn clojure with. i'll go find out how to switch to the develop branch now!


git checkout -b develop origin/develop I guess this is all i need to do so that is great.


sadly the stable branch of spacemacs is very outdated in many packages


but develop version is stable enough


I can attest to that: I've been using Spacemacs' develop branch for over 3 years now. Number of times something broke to the point that i had to spend more than 15 minutes to fix it? Exactly four. Ironically things get fixed faster on develop


that is good to hear. it's funny though i'm having a couple issues already. SPC f t to bring up neotree is very glitchy, sometimes splitting my main window. And there is a package ac-ispell that it can't find but it tries to load every time i open emacs. and i still don't have that cider-create-sibling-cljs-repl.


do you think i should move down to stable emacs 25? I'm on emacs 26 right now.


hmmm. i did however have a cider-connect-sibling-cljs and that worked even though i don't know how i created it in the first place. and neotree is working fine now! thanks folks.


the 30 sec start time because it's looking for that ac-ispell package is still annoying though.


I generally, would suggest not using Neotree. IMO It's way too buggy and unpredictable. Have you considered Treemacs instead? I personally use direx.


i'll look into those options. i have basic vim text manipulation skills but not much else in terms of workflow and such in vim, emacs, emacs+evil, spacemacs,


if you get over the basics (buffers vs tabs), fear of having to write elisp, etc. very quickly you find that Emacs can Vim better than Vim. In addition to that it lets you do quite mindblowing things.


oh yeah, i'm sold on emacs+evil for sure. spacemacs seems great but quite heavy coming from vim. but i can't imagine i'll be able to roll my own config of emacs+evil seamlessly linked to clojure(script)/cider any better (and with this kind of ui). and i can play with org mode and magit too. doing all that on my own seems daunting.


Take things À la carte. Of course it would feel like insurmountable mountain. Don't rush. If you started using Org-mode, just start writing down every single problem you encounter. Slowly you will fix many of them, and some of them may not even need fixing.


definitely. i enjoyed setting up my vimrc but it was minimal. with emacs+evil, i think i would basically want it to be like spacemacs anyways. the documentation is good too and you folks and the gitter are super helpful. i've read of veteran emacs users fed up with maintaining their huge configs and preferring spacemacs to that anyways.


plus i need to focus on writing and learning software development! i lose focus on that sometimes playing with my tooling


investing in tooling never felt so good and practical. Because I'm sure 10-15 years from now things I improve in my workflow say regarding org-mode. I'm pretty confident that some of it still will be relevant


besides at some point you realize, when you have to do something, it's so easy to write a function. e.g. I realized that very often when I type a ticket number, I really like to have it as a url. It took me literally 10 minutes to write a function for that


and what keeps you on spacemacs vs rolling your own config?


it just works for me now. besides, it is largely my "own config". It consists of my customized Spacemacs layers


For many months I have tried building my own evil based config. A few times I've announced .init file bankruptcy and have started over.


then I found Spacemacs.


I learned a lot more stuff about Emacs. Spacemacs sped up my progress


at this point I do feel very comfortable - If I ever have to roll my own config, I can do it. But Spacemacs works for me and makes sense for me. Until it stopes making sense... I will use it


makes sense to me. when i was researching it seemed people thought it was too hard to make their own customization on top of spacemacs but i'm suspecting that might be a little overstated.


it is absolutely wrong assessment. Spacemacs feels big for a reason. It's opinionated and bloated, yes. But nothing stopping anyone from removing things they don't want. Spacemacs doesn't make Emacs less customizable.


@U9J50BY4C for a vim driven file explorer, i use ranger. its lightweight and has file previews

Mario C.22:07:25

How do I switch between a window to the neotree?


space 0 for tree, space 1 to window


Or maybe space 2 or 3, depends on how much windows you have


Also, in tree you can type ? and see hints to work with it

Mario C.22:07:35

I just started using spacemacs recently


@mario.cordova.862 I don't recommend using neotree... try treemacs or direx. more time you waste trying to tame neotree - the more it frustrates you


@ag what would be a reason to choose one of those two over the other? I’m up for trying one, but possibly not both. Or if you don’t feel like doing the full explanation, just tell me which one you like better 😉


I personally use Direx (that one I discovered before Treemacs). It is a simple tree, with output similar to the command line tool with the same name.

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Treemacs is nice, much nicer than neotree


just include treemacs layer to dotspacemacs-configuration-layers

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And it looks like treemacs-evil if you’re the evil sort? Or is that automatic w the spacemacs layer?


just include the layer


Cool, thanks! I’ll make the switch this evening & see how it goes 🙂


@mario.cordova.862 in my experience it’s usually the best bet to just do whatever @ag recommends 😆


first thing you'd probably would like to change is the icon-sizes in treemacs. You can use M-x treemacs-resize-icons

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Guess I'm using both now 😉


I like direx, because it is clean and it doesn't "pretend" to be a special buffer


extending it super-easy


who needs icons? what is it... some sort of VSCode or something?


Here's an extremely terse summary of the treemacs advantages over neotree for anyone else who's interested:

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