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say i want to just write "in" or something else in the repl and then hit enter to evaluate. Well autocomplete is trying to give me all kinds of options but i don't want any of them. i just want to evaluate "in" or whatever it is. how can i tell it to leave me alone and let me just hit enter. i don't want to hit space. i don't know if it is ocd but i hate having a space between the last expression and the closing parens


@U9J50BY4C not sure if this answers your question, but here goes... To close the autocomplete pop up, you can press ESC or fd. If in is a symbol, I.e. something defined with def the you can evaluate it without wrapping in (). ‘in’ should be selectable in the autocomplete list once it’s def expression has been evaluated. If you are evaluating a function, a defn, then once you have evaluated that function in the current REPL, it will automatically appear in the autocomplete pop up too (in the REPL buffer and Clojure file buffer). If you are evaluating a function in the REPL buffer, then first type ( and smartparens will type the closing ) for you, so you can then start typing the name of the function and hit ENTER to select the full name when it’s at the top of the autocomplete pop up list. If you are evaluating code in the Clojure file buffer, then you either jump to the end of a function, or an empty line below and hit , e e which evaluates the previous expression. Or use , e f with your cursor somewhere inside the current expression. I also like using , e ; which adds a comment with the result of evaluating the expression. Hope that helps


actually my control-enter tip (to auto-insert all needed ending parens before evaluation) that I mentioned a few days ago will work fine for this. sorry to come here before fully thinking out the problem. sometimes though, i think it's the act of writing out my problem here that makes me think of the answer. not sure if i should delete the messages