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Hey! Does anyone have specific workarounds for pinning cider version? I was working on cljs/shadow-cljs project - my emacs/cider worked, but right now I work on clj/lein so it doesn’t work 100%.


I fiddled with this for ages, and tried a whole bunch of things from different spacemacs issue threads. Eventually, this is what worked for me in dotspacemacs/init:

;; stable packages
  (add-to-list 'configuration-layer-elpa-archives '("melpa-stable" . ""))
  (add-to-list 'package-pinned-packages '(cider . "melpa-stable") t)


@U15603AQZ You'll have to delete the existing version installed by spacemacs out of your elpa store first, i think


and where did you put it? I tried in dotspacemacs/init as it described in that issues thread but it didn’t work


Oh, it’s a bit different, it worked when I put it in dotspacemacs/init. Thank you!

Roy Truelove15:07:58

If you put the version directly in your profile for lein, will that do it?


yeah, I pinned it there, but I need to pin it in emacs config too


and as I far as I remember tools.nrepl is not required in new version of cider


so there’s quite a lot of combinatoric variations of how to make everything work 🙂


and also, I’m using spacemacs, which has it’s own quirks

Roy Truelove15:07:16

> there’s quite a lot of combinatoric variations of how to make everything work That’s for sure Looks like pinning versions in general for Spacemacs might be an outstanding issue


Hi everyone! How do you guys navigate through *.jars? Say I would like to grep/ack/ag/... the files in the jar from emacs, is there a way 😜?


Did you try just opening the jar in Emacs. It should let you navigate through the directories and view the files. Not sure about search though.


@U7MHWDLD8 you can try zipgrep. Although it's not the most ergonomic "solution" i'm not aware of anything else. As @U05254DQM mentioned, showing the list of all files in jar is easy - just open the file. Then you can execute eshell and you will end up in you local m2 repo dir where the jar is located. I typically use it like this:

<jump to the selected jar; e.g. clj-http>
zipgrep 'GET' clj-http-3.7.0.jar

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unzip it first 😉


jars are zip files with special structure


yeah, that's what I did--new to emacs, clojure etc--I thought maybe there is some other way, what gave false hope I guess was that I could browse through with dired without manual unzip


there might be …


there always is 😉 thanks anyway!


That workaround doesn’t work for me 🙁 it says that “package is unavailable”


@dev964 found this to be quite helpful: essentially letting dired know that jar is a compressed file and I can then uncompress with Z neat, cheers!


hi everyone. is there a way to clear recent files and projects list in home buffer?