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is there a way to open up a file from helm in a vertical split? I know C-c o but that opens it up in a horizontal one


@orestis Well this is odd.... when I look in the package-list, I see cider-decompile, cider-hydra, and cider-theme, but no cider


I'm using whatever the Spacemacs Clojure layer installs, I haven't messed with anything else


that layer hasn't been updated in a while--- is it pinned to the latest CIDER? did you have to make a change yourself?


If you are not getting the latest Cider, it may be because you are on the stable (master) branch of Spacemacs, which is pinned to the stable only packages of Ella. The development branch is stable to use and has regular updates. Recommend you use Spacemacs develop branch (run git checkout develop in your .emacs.d directory. Then update Spacemacs (git pull origin develop --rebase true). Then check for updates to your .spacemacs file (SPC f e D). Then update the packages (link on the Spacemacs home buffer SPC b h). Recommend you restart Emacs after all that (SPC q r). Hope that helps


(I'm checking by running package-list-packages, it's the first stackoverflow suggestion I got for checking package versions)


I think I had to recently explicitly update the packages, and I saw the 0.17 being brought in.