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Thanks! Exactly what I needed. I didn't even bother to check the docs first.... 😞. Appreciate the help!


Also hitting SPC m on a .org buffer should open all the commands available

Drew Verlee17:05:50

where in my .spacemacs file (assuming thats the right place) would a call to the use-package macro go? and why? thanks in advance~

Drew Verlee17:05:42

hmm i’m guessing use-package is already installed in spacemacs? i’m guessing it provides the package install function im so fond of.

Drew Verlee17:05:12

I’m somewhat amused that this tool on literate programming is oddly confusing to install for someone that doesn’t have all the context it seems to assume around you knowing how to install things -_-

Drew Verlee17:05:12

Like, i assume i’m supposed to copy that .el file somewhere into my .emacs.d directory


If you just want to include a single package you can use dotspacemacs-additional-packages


with Spacemacs you don't need to copy anything almost ever into your .emacs.d

Drew Verlee17:05:27

@ag where does `dotspacemacs-additional-packages pull from? Does it grab files from things hosted on the elpa repo? That El file above isn't hosted anywhere but github that I can see


you can do something like this:

dotspacemacs-additional-packages '((cider :location (recipe :fetcher github
                                                            :repo "clojure-emacs/cider"
                                                            :commit "8a9eab32646abcaaf31fe83b2d897c01971b98f1"))


replace things for values relevant and voila

Drew Verlee17:05:40

gotcha! that makes sense.


I believe you can omit :commit key - it would then pull latest from master

Drew Verlee17:05:55

Yea. The important thing is that it can pull from github if i tell it to. Which makes sense, just not in the first couple examples i saw.


I bet you end up building your own Clojure layer sooner or later, so probably it's the best to add this to the layer, take a look at example here:


although I'm not sure if that package belongs to a custom clojure or custom org layer


anyway I have both.


so you can see that it's possible to have Spacemacs layers that depend on other layers