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Josh Horwitz02:03:44

I'm' trying to map m to do what % does is normal mode, does anyone know how I would re-map that?


but then you'd lose the ability to set markers (easily)


try: (define-key evil-normal-state-map "m" 'evil-jump-item)

Josh Horwitz22:03:18

Thanks. I have never used markers before, how would you use them?


If I can suggest: always check first if there's a binding that corresponds to a keycord (before rebinding it to something else). Press C-h k and then the key


I'm not sure if this is a spacemacs or cider problem but sometimes when I get a compiler error my emacs window "blows up" with a bunch of extra buffers. So I may have have two buffers open in a window, split horizontally, and then compiler error happens and boom, I now have 10+ buffer windows; all the same file as the one I was trying to compile. Happens intermittently. Anyone else have this issue? thx!!!


this sounds like a CIDER problem and probably it is. Remember: in Spacemacs you can always go back to previous window config by pressing SPC w u


Thanks @U0G75ARHC! That is going to be really useful!