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is it possible to (straightforwardly) add things to the spacemacs menus ? i'd like to add helm-projectile-ag somewhere, maybe even replace the helm-project-do-ag at SPC s a p


@mccraigmccraig Yes, it's really easy. Just find the layer in .emacs.d/layers and edit the packages.el file. In your case I believe it's layers/+completion/helm/packages.el


You may want to create a new branch in git for your change. Or you can create a personal package if you have a collection of changes


huh, actually i think in this case it's a PR - it's a bit odd that it's using helm-do-ag (rather than helm-projectile-ag) against the projectile-project-root


(the difference being that helm-projectile-ag respects your projectile path exclusions, so search results aren't full of build-artefact junk)


@mccraigmccraig - You don't need to edit any spacemacs files, and doing so might complicate upgrades later. Spacemacs leaves a gap in the top-level menu, under o, for custom user stuff. Here's a snippet from my dotspacemacs/user-config:

(spacemacs/declare-prefix "o" "jst-bindings")  ; the prefixes are not required; they just label the group
  (spacemacs/declare-prefix "oc" "customize")
  (spacemacs/set-leader-keys "ocg" 'customize-group)
  (spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oco" 'customize-option)
You can also set leader keys under anything else, at the risk of having them conflict with Spacemacs builtins later.


you can specify multiple keybinding in set-leader-keys

  "ocg" 'customize-group
  "oco" 'customize-option)