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TIL that I can access the Spacemacs menu and major-mode menu while in insert mode with M-m and M-RET, respectively. I needed this to insert links in org-mode (with , i l/`M-RET i l`). Doing it in insert mode solved two annoyances I had with doing the same in normal mode. First, it would insert with the same behavior as i in vim; that is, it would insert before the character at the cursor, which means you can't insert at the end of a line. Second, after I inserted a link, if I immediately hit A to append at the end of the line, my cursor would confusingly jump to the next line. (Until recently, I was typing links manually (in the org-mode format: [[url][text]]), but recently pasting a URL would link-ify that text, which really got in the way.)

Sam H14:01:25

Nice, that’s useful for all the cider commands that use the last-sexp as having the cursor on the end parent/bracket in normal mode doesn’t include that in the last-sexp


oh cool I didn’t know about the M-RET


@jeff.terrell C-C C-l in org-mode inserts a link too


I’ve found myself using , i l frequently as well too


especially since I can expect the spacemacs commands to be similar when working with a variety of markup languages and frameworks


I'm on the other hand getting myself more familiar with "native" org-mode bindings. Sometimes it feels Spacemacs is moving too fast and keybindings still change.


whereas org-mode keybindings less likely to change... unless someone decides to override it in Spacemacs


take for example clocking-in and clocking out commands. Spacemacs keybindings are in different places. Most org-mode keys are under C-c C...


oh... wait... seems I'm wrong... the keys are now both under , C


but there are still some keys that under SPC a o and some of them are in ,




that’s true


that is confusing


the biggest argument that holds traction against spacemacs is the fact the keybindings seem to change a lot, and not in a way that’s well explained


or obvious


I think I saw an issue someone posted, asking if it's possible to create a tool that would find all the keybindings that Spacemacs overrides.


it would be nice indeed to see list of keybindings that used to be bound to something else and later on in some point in the config get overriden


I haven’t actually gotten burned by that, I just know that people complain about