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Wha-a-at? That's amazing. Those crazy emacs people! simple_smile Thanks for the overview @alexkeyes.


you’re welcome @jeff.terrell next time you need to make a UML diagram I hope this is helpful! There’s apparently a way to make it prettier? I haven’t explored that yet though.


I have smartparens and rainbow parens enabled. Does anybody know what controls the face of the parenthesis that contain the point? Smartparens controls the matching parenthesis if your point is currently over a paren, but if your point is inside a form, there is something else that will highlight the surrounding parens (which is apparently not rainbow). Any ideas?


@lee.justin.m when you say rainbow parens it's rainbow-delimiters?


there is also a package, maybe it's that: highlight-parentheses-mode


@romain Yes I did mean that. I’ve now figured out that I’m getting confused because rainbow-delimiters and something else is interacting. I have now togged rainbow-delimiters off and I’m a lot closer to what I want. Basically I like what spacemacs does when I’m editing .spacemacs and want that it clojure mode


@romain thanks: highlight-parentheses is the key. I was customizing something else.


how long do you guys keep your spacemacs running?


I’m currently going in on 13 days. I didn’t understand why people used to used to be so reticent to close the emacs but now I do, since I have all the files open I am going to touch in the near future and I like keeping cider open.


I'm an update freak though... I like updating packages every day. So many times things got broken because of that my habit, but I can't help it