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Hi, new Spacemacs user here. I am working through Living Clojure and am working on the Serpent Talk project in Spacemacs with Cider. When I run the tests from the REPL (SPC -> m -> t -> a) I get “user-error: Buffer ‘cider-repl serpent-talk’ is not associated with a file” Could someone tell me what that means? The tests run OK from the talk.clj buffer.


@tomayerst - It looks like that might be a known bug. When I look at the function documentation (with SPC h d k SPC m t a) I see the following:

, t a runs the command spacemacs/cider-test-run-all-tests, which is an alias for
‘spacemacs/cider-test-run-ns-tests’ in ‘../../../clojure/funcs.el’.

It is bound to M-RET t a, M-m m t a, and many ordinary text characters.


ns tests are not actually *all* tests;
        cider-test-run-project-tests would be better here, but
        there currently is a bug with the function. Replace once
        it gets fixed.


You might try calling cider-test-run-project-tests directly, or maybe see if there's a more recent version of cider you could upgrade to.


@jeff.terrell Thanks Jeff. A very gentle RTFM! 😀


and thanks for the keys to look at the function docs


Haha, didn't mean it that way, but glad it helped. simple_smile


Hey guys, this is really off topic, but I just discovered artist mode! It’s really cool. Would anyone be interested in an explanation?


I have no idea what that is; yep, I would. :raised_hand:


Oh great!


So I could do a more formal write up if you guys would like it. Artist mode is meant to be a way to draw in ascii in emacs!


the most common usecase I could think of is drawing data flow diagrams things requiring simple boxes and lines.


You can activate artist mode in any buffer, but I’d recommend opening up a new buffer to experiment


once you’ve got a new buffer open, start emacs mode and then do a m-x artist-mode


you should see the artist major mode activate


then in emacs mode, hit c-c c-a to see a list of possible drawing modes.


Once you’ve selected a ‘brush’ you can use the mouse or RET and the arrow keys to draw shapes!


I’ve added some gifs and here’s a video describing artist mode in a more UML-y usecase