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Is it possible to do a full-text search in all project files and also the source code of libraries used in the project (I assume leiningen)?


What are you searching for? , g g can take you to the definition of a specific symbol. Otherwise, I'm not sure


SPC / will do a project search with ag but only on your project files


Yeah, I know those ones. Sometimes, I need to search for some string in 3rd party libraries - just to explore code or for debugging purposes. I used to use this feature in IntelliJ IDEA


Might be worth asking in #cider


@jumar if I know the namespace then I use , g n and search / through that list of vars for the namespace. Or generally search documentation using apropos, , h a.


If you require a namespace for a library once the repl is running then you also get auto-complete for the vars in that library (if you have auto-completion as a layer)


thanks for tips. I'm pretty much aware of those options. However, I was really looking for the option to do some kind of full-text search through all the libraries; or at least through all namespaces/files of given library


I guess it comes down to searching in all jars on a classpath.


It might sound like a weird requirement, but I used to use this kind of stuff from time to time. Now, when I use (and love) spacemacs, I'm trying every possible option to avoid using any other editor 🙂


The best thing I've found so far is to invoke cider-classpath, look for interesting jars and then do zipgrep "search-string" library.jar in eshell


@jumar I am curious about what you get from searching through all the libraries in a project, what are you trying to find or understand? I ask to learn if there is something I am missing out on. Thanks