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Hello. I’m trying to use a branch of the Clojure layer that would show Sayid in it’s debugger. I’ve updated spacemacs, the packages. I’ve tried to install the Sayid package using M-x package-install sayid, but it says the package is obsolete . I also have Clojure as a layer on my .spacemacs configuration. I don’t see sayid on any keybinding or any of the other newer keybindings in debug. How do I use a different branch?


Is it a configuration in spacemacs or a change in git in the folder for that branch?


@jclavijo fwiw develop branch of spacemacs already includes sayid in clojure layer


ag: odd but I can’t get it to work. I did “git checkout develop” it doesn’t work and also I get some other error. Am I missing something?


what doesn’t work git or spacemacs?


oh.. It didn’t work when I was checking out the clojure branch of the package, but that was because it wasn’t updating the folder to the most recent “develop” branch, but an other older update. I solved the problem though using the suggestion bellow. Thanks.