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BTW, sayid is now in clojure mode (at least on the develop branch)


If anyone's got some time to play with a plugin , I'd love some thoughts on this small package I extracted from my dotfiles. It's a set of functions for yanking code as a formatted code listing with informative annotations like a commit ref, selected line number, file path, etc: Thanks! 🙂


Recently updated SM & plugins, and there's been a behavior change that's driving me crazy. Previously, cmd 3 (or cmd-n for n in 0..9) or spc 3 would take me to the third window in the current frame (ie the third pane in the current window if you're using non-*macs terminology). Now it takes me to the third window with respect to all frames. Anyone aware of a good way to flip that behavior back? I often have several frames open, and I don't want to have to maintain a total mental ordering of all windows across all frames.